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May 4th, 2019 - Hotfoot Hamster 24 Hour |12 Hour | 6 Hour Run

Aug 24th, 2019 - Jackrabbit Jubilee 12 Hour | 6 Hour Run
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Nov 29th, 2019 - Fat Ox 48 Hour | 24 Hour | 24 Hour Relays
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We are so excited to introduce the Nardini Series in 2019 with the addition of our newest fixed time race, the Fat Ox!

Become a fixed-time master this year with three opportunities to push beyond your limits on the 500 meter track at Nardini Manor!

May the force be with you at the hottest fixed-time race this May starting with the Hotfoot Hamster 24 Hour.

Own a night with miles of shenanigans at the Jackrabbit Jubilee 12 Hour in August.

And celebrate a family fixed-time post Thanksgiving at the Fat Ox 48 Hour.

Do all three and piece together a treasure token reserved for those who tread thrice at Nardini!

Register early for the series that leads to the biggest New Year’s celebration in fixed-time racing, Across the Years, and save by choosing one of the five series options!

The Nardini Series